The summit will be held in Odessa in the summer. The forum was organized by the APK-Inform news agency and the International Sunflower Oil Association (ISOA), founded in 2015 in Rome by representatives of national industry associations of leading countries of sunflower oil exporters and importers (Ukraine, China, Hungary, Russia, Spain, and Argentina). The leadership of the group of companies TRANS-OIL believes that participation in the summit will allow us to better assess the prospects for the development of the industry in the region and mutually beneficial cooperation. TRANS-OIL will also consider the possibility of joining the ISOA. The TRANS-OIL group of companies is the only sunflower oil producer in Moldova; it owns 2 oil-extraction plants, elevators, port terminals in Giurgiulesti and Reni. 90% of the oil produced in Moldova is exported to more than 20 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. It is worth noting that the first summit was held in 2015 in China and gathered more than 250 participants. This year the event will cover two days of excursions and meetings for importers; another day of the summit (July 11) is dedicated to conferences and discussions. A mini-exhibition will also operate within the framework of the event. Leading operators of the world market of sunflower oil – exporters and traders from the Black Sea region, EU countries, buyers of oil from Asia, as well as oil and fat companies, investment funds, broker companies, experts in assessing the quality of oilseeds and processed products, engineering companies, etc. will take part in the summit. More than 300 people are expected to attend the summit.