The price offers vary between MDL 2.4 and MDL 2.6 per kilo of wheat; MDL 2.2 and MDL 2.4 per kilo of barley; MDL 3.4 and MDL 3.6 per kilo of pea nuts; and MDL 6.4 and MDL 6.6 per kilo of rape, the Ministry of Agriculture says. According to a spokesperson of the Ministry, a lot of wheat growers say this year the quality of wheat is worse than last year because of the rainy weather.  This is the reason why in many districts of Moldova wheat is being harvested rather slowly, but the farmers promise all the crops will be harvested in time, within 2 week.   In particular, in the Cahul district, 4,169 tonnes of wheat has been harvested from 1,200 ha, with the total area planted with wheat amounting to 16,800 ha.  Thus, the crop capacity of those areas averages 3,500 per ha.  Let’s remind that on July 17 TRANS OIL Group, the largest purchaser of crops of Moldova, launched an e-trade platform for agricultural producers. The platform is available on www.transoilmarket.comand Through the platform, producers of wheat, maize, barley, rape, pea nuts and sunflower seeds can sell their products without mediators at transparent prices.  The farmers will be able to see the purchasing prices for their products in a real-time mode and sell them quickly.  Besides the online purchasing prices, the farmers can use the interactive map of 15 grain elevators to select the closest one, TRANS OIL notes.  The crops may be delivered from the seller to the elevator as an unbundled service, or by the seller on his own.  The crops can also be delivered straight to the Giurgiulesti port.  To sell the crops via the platform the farmer shall fill in the application in which his contacts, a kind and a volume of the crops, a requested shipment date, the farm-gate price, the elevator to deliver the crops to, and the way of shipment shall be indicated.  An operator of the TRANS OIL interactive platform will contact the seller within 15 minutes after the submission of the application and will ensure the transaction as soon as possible.  The users of the platform may also benefit from the standard form contracts posted on the site.  Such a system for procurement of agricultural products has never been used in Moldova before.   TRANS OIL Group comprises 15 elevators all over Moldova with the total one-time storage capacity of more than 710 tonnes; 2 oil-extracting plants, in Balti and Ceadir-Lunga, capable of processing 1,000 tonnes per hour and 400 tonnes per hour of sunflower seeds respectively; 2 grain terminals and the sunflower oil terminal in Giurgiulesti Port as well as some more agricultural, transportation and infrastructure facilities. TRANS OIL Moldova employs over 2,000 persons.