The award in the field of technology and innovation in the nomination "Quality of sunflower oil" was presented to the general director of JSC "FLOAREA SOARELUI" wich is a part of TOI Stella Ostrovetski in Odessa within the framework of the "Summit on sunflower oil: industry and technology". The summit, organized by the International Association of Sunflower Oil (ISOA), was held in Odessa on July 11-12, 2017. There were presented about 200 delegates from China, Turkey, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Moldova.

"This presentation of this high award to our company is proof of the recognition of the quality of our products not only among buyers around the world, but what is especially gratifying is the fact that our colleagues in international markets from other countries have appreciated the high quality of Floarea Soarelui," Stella Ostrovetski noted.

Within the framework of the International Summit, representatives of JSC Floarea Soarelui held productive negotiations with world leaders in the field of vegetable oil production (Delta Wilmar, Kernel), logistics companies (Global Ocean Link, Alphacosta), companies that provide cargo services using flexi-tanks (BeFlexi), with manufacturers of equipment for oil and fat industry (Desmet Belestra, TAN), with the inspection company Cotecna, as well as potential buyers of JSC Floarea Soarelui products from around the world.

The International Sunflower Oil Summit is held once every two years. The previous forum was held in 2015 in China. The next topical issues and problems faced by the fat industry around the world were discussed during the Samit-2017 in Odessa:

- sunflower oil market: global and regional aspects;

- Sunflower Oil Market Development in China;

- Overview of the global sunflower market;

- Global industrial chain of Sunflower Processing;

- development of the market of high-oleic oil;

- Flexitanks - a logistics tool to lower the financial risks;

- Sunflower oil prices: trends, forecast, factors to watch regional and global trends.

JSC Floarea Soarelui is part of TRANS-OIL Group of Companies and it is the most important manufacturer of sunflower oil in the Republic of Moldova, providing 75% of the domestic market. At the same time, 85% of the company's products are exported to more than 20 countries. The main trademark of the company is FLORIS sunflower oil, wich was awarded by numerous distinctions in the domestic and international markets.