FLOAREA SOARELUI SA obtained ISO 22000 certification. It is known as a reliable producer, where each stage of sunflower oil production is controlled. In particular:

- All raw materials are reviewed by strict selections on the basis of the results of organoleptic, physicochemical and microbiological studies;

- The technological process is carried out using up-to-date equipment;

- Each stage of production identifies the most important points of the technological processes which are constantly monitored by specialists of the relevant services of the enterprise;

- The raw materials are sent to the packaging if only successfully passed all laboratory tests and quality requirements;

- The factory strictly accomplishes storage conditions of market-ready products.

The availability of the international quality standard ISO 22000: 2005 certification gives the following advantages: "Management systems in the field of safe food products are the necessary requirements for any producer in the supply chain", it guarantees high quality products and allows FLOAREA SOARELUI SA to built confidence, expand sales markets, significantly improve competitiveness at the domestic and international markets; it also proves the reputation of the company as a producer of high quality and safe food products.

Another important factor of ISO 22000: 2005 certification is increased attractiveness of investments. This step is a positive signal to local and international partners and investors that the company is developing confidently and expanding the geography of consumption of sunflower oil, not only in Europe and the Middle East, where this product has been successfully sold for many years but also in new markets, those still have to experience and get to like sunflower oil from the Moldovian FLOAREA SOARELUI SA, the part of Trans Oil Group of Companies.