According to the updated data of the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environmental Protection, the yield of winter barley increased by 12%, corn by 34%, soybean by 27%, sunflower by 11%. Aggregate harvest of fruits increased by 3.2%, pome fruits - by 3.4%, stone fruits - by 3%. The harvest of berry bushes and strawberries grew by 15%, vegetables and potatoes - by 22%. As noted in the department, also in 2017, the export volumes of a number of plant products increased. In total, about 200 thousand tons of fruits were exported, of which 157 thousand tons - in the CIS, and 16 thousand tons - in the EU. For the first time, were exceeded quotas for export of plums in preferential mode and for the first time sweet cherries were delivered to the EU. The department also records the expansion (+ 5%) of the areas of farmland cultivated in accordance with the principles of resource-saving agriculture. It is also noted that the largest area of land sown with the first group of crops and rape fell to the northern part of the country - 35-40%. Further follow: the center of the country - 12-15%, the south - 8-10%, and Gagauzia - 5-7%.