The group of companies TRANS OIL summarized the preliminary results of their activities in July-December 2017. The group begins the financial and economic year on July 1st and ends on June 30th of the following year.

The meeting of the heads of all subdivisions of the TRANS OIL Group of Companies was made and it was noted that for two consecutive years, the yield of cereals was quite high in Moldova. This also had a positive impact on the performance of the Group's divisions.

 In particular, all 15 elevators belonging to the TRANS OIL Group, which are located throughout Moldova, were loaded with grain crops by 100%  within July-December 2017.

 In the season of 2017, the online platform ( for agricultural producers was launched in July for the first time, where any farmer could leave an application for the sale of cereals according to the prices announced by the Group of Companies TRANS OIL. There were purchased directly, without intermediaries more than 150.000 tons of cereals via this platform in 2017. Thus, farmers could get more money for their products, and the Group of companies could attract more farmers, even low-budget, which were forced to take their products to wholesale dealers previously.

There is always a certain shortage of freight transport during the peak season. To solve this problem, the online platform for freight carriers was launched for the first time. This allowed to stabilize prices and involve small enterprises, as well as individual entrepreneurs from transport services.

 The main flow of the grain crops was exported through the grain terminals of TRANS OIL Group, located at the International Free Port of Giurgiulesti. 485.000 tons were handled within July-December 2017. The production capacities of grain terminals in Giurgiulesti Port are more than 1.2 million tons per year. According to the preliminary data, the total amount of wheat collected in Moldova was 1.16 million tonnes.

 "Floarea Soarelui" which is the part of the Group of Companies, made special strides during the last period of activities. The company successfully rebranded its leading brand of sunflower oil  FLORIS, making it more up-to-date product, attracting the attention of customers. The food production company has passed the certification according to the ISO 22000 standard (the world standard for food safety) for the first time in Moldova. The factory plans to launch completely new and modern oil extraction production facility at the beginning of 2018.

 It was noted the role of "Floarea Soarelui" in terms of trading at international markets, the company won the tender of the Ministry of Trade of Iraq and signed a contract for the supply of sunflower oil to this country by $25 million per year. Intensive work of this company led to the fact that "Floarea Soarelui" became one of the top-10 largest enterprises in Moldova, in 2016.

 The TRANS OIL Group of Companies organized the Agro-logistic forum "Dnieper-Danube-Black Sea" in the capital of Moldova for the first time, in the fall of 2017. Speaking at the forum, the president of the Group Vaja Jhashi said: "We want Moldova to appear at the global map of the market for grains and oilseeds as a country that plays an important role in the Black Sea region. The world’s and regional markets of grain and oil crops, talk about Ukraine, Russia, Romania ... and few people talk about Moldova. I would like our country to be recognized as a significant player in this market. And I do not mean just our Group of Companies, I’m talking about all market participants. I want all our business owners to work, promoting the common interests of the country as producers and exporters."

 It is assumed that Moldova will become a place to hold this international forum regularly. This will promote the brands of the country as serious players in the grain export market and producers of high-quality sunflower oil.

 At the meeting with the heads of the TRANS OIL Group, President Vaja Jhashi summed up preliminary results of the first (for the Group) half-year period (July-December 2017): "Many years of experience show that Moldova, as a country of risky farming, periodically faces climatic difficulties, alternating a fruitful year with a bad harvest year. However, the harvest in the country was quite high for several years in a row, due to the introduction of modern technologies in agriculture. Our Group of Companies enables farmers to sell their products profitably and provides long-term storage of high-quality, it has established a complete logistics of grain exports from Moldova, providing the country with foreign exchange and tax revenues. The task for the second half of the year is to ensure preparations for the new season, which, according to preliminary reports, will be no worse than the harvest of 2017. It is very important to continue direct contacts with agricultural producers, even the smallest ones, so that they have the opportunity to sell their products directly, without intermediaries, therefore, they will be well-paid for the harvested crops."