"Trans-Oil" commented on the fire in the port of Giurgiulesti

"Trans-Oil" commented on the fire in the port of Giurgiulesti

The fire in the port of Giurgiulesti on January 16 caused a lot of discussion, even conspiracy theories. In an interview with official.md, Vitaly Butnaru, the financial manager of Trans-Oil", gave a number of explanations regarding the incident.

Vertical sunflower storage silos owned by "Danbe Oil Company", a subsidiary of "Trans-Oil Group". They were built on 7.6 hectares of land leased by the "Trans-Oil Group" in the port of Giurgiulesti and are part of the infrastructure of "Danube Oil Company". Moldova, as well as the operator of the Giurgiulesti port, "Danube Logistics", have nothing to do with the ownership of these silos; they did not bear the costs of their construction and will not compensate "Trans-Oil Group" for the consequences of the fire and associated financial losses.

The cost of building an elevator with six silos for storing sunflower was approximately 900 thousand US dollars. This is not the first case involving these objects; in September 2022, two mines collapsed, but the investigation of the incident has not yet been completed. Unfortunately, the main reason is the human factor and some mistakes made at the stages of design, production of building materials, and installation work. Unfortunately, the shortage of professional personnel and the outflow of specialists from almost all areas of the national economy can contribute to the admission of minor errors in the chain, which can lead to an undesirable and expensive end result.

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