Vaja Jhashi


Alain Stephane Dorthe


Asif Chaudhry

CEO and Founder of Trans-Oil Group


Independent Director


Independent Director

Graduated from Moscow State University and Cairo University, holds MBA degree from Indiana University


Formerly Head of Credit Division, First Vice-President, at Banque de Commerce et de Placements (BCP), Genève

Formerly Head of internal audit, Senior Vice-President at Discount Bank & Trust Company and Credit Director at UBS Zurich


Vice-President for International Programs in Washington State University

Formerly U.S. Ambassador in Moldova, Vice-President at U.S. Foreign Agriculture Service











Cem Osmanoglu


Stephane Frappat


 Tommy Gade Jensen

Independent Director


Independent Director


Nominee Director

Independent financial consultant

Formerly Head of Trade Finance Department at BCP Banque de Commerce et de Placements



Independent BoD member of United Grain Company, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Novorossiisk Wheat Mill

Formerly CEO at Sodrugestvo Group



Oaktree Capital Management L.P.

Senior Advisor, Agri & Food
Oaktree Capital Management L.P.
Former CEO of Bunge EMEA, and
Member of Global Executive Committee of Bunge