Our communities

Sustainability for our communities embodies our dedication to being responsible corporate citizens. We are committed to actively engaging with and supporting the communities in which we operate. This includes contributing to local economies, fostering social equity, and partnering with community organizations to address their needs and concerns.

We strive to create lasting positive impacts by investing in safety, supporting local initiatives, and promoting sustainable practices that benefit both the environment and the people.

Our goal is to build resilient communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive today and in the future.

Corporate Quality & Food Safety Policy 

Corporate Environmental Policy

Corporate Fleet Eco & Safety Policy

Corporate Water Stewardship Policy


Objectives 2030:

  • We aim zero quality, food safety, environmental or safety incidents.
  • All our crushing plants will be ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certified by 2025.
  • We will engage in 3 environmental and social partnerships with key stakeholder and local communities by 2027.
  • We are committed to offer 20,000 volunteer hours annually to support our communities by 2030.
  • 70 ha of forests will be restored or created in cooperation with local authorities by 2030.
  • We will increase our investments in communities by 10% annually by 2030.
  • We will fund 5 college scholarships in sustainable agriculture or sustainable development for young people by 2030.


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