Our terminals are strategically located on major inland waterways: the Prut and Danube Rivers. This location serves as an optimal export transshipment point for grains and crude oil. The facilities are designed for rapid unloading, secure storage, and timely distribution, providing a material freight cost efficiency compared

The Trans-Oil Group operates four grain terminals: two in Giurgiulesti (the only grain export facility in Moldova), two port terminals in Reni, Ukraine, and one oil terminal also located in Giurgiulesti. The grain terminals have a total transshipment capacity of 2.4 million tons, made possible by the new terminal put into operation in Giurgiulesti at the end of 2016, directly on the Danube River. This terminal operates on high-performance equipment, making it the fastest vessel loading terminal on the Danube. The grain terminals have a total storage capacity of 145,000 tons, while the oil terminal can store up to 7,500 tons of oil.

The Export Terminal activity is focused on the efficient handling of the goods exported by the GROUP. Excess capacity is provided to third parties at the market rate.

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