Climatic risks are on the top of the EU environmental investment priorities. Given high rate of deforestation, temperature rise to 1.5 degree Celsius by 2050 is a realistic scenario. It will inevitably affect most industries. Adaptation to climate change is an urgent need for many of them. Especially for companies in the agricultural sector.


Droughts, floods and sharp temperature fluctuations may cause agricultural losses, and as a result financial instability of a company. These negative impacts are often exacerbated by chronic problems in the agricultural sector, that have accumulated over decades.


For this reason, agribusiness investors are paying increasing attention to understanding risks caused by climate change.


At the webinar you will learn about:

impact of climate change on agriculture in Eastern Europe and Central Asia;

criteria used by investors to assess resilience to climate risks;

real examples of agribusiness adaptation to climate change risks in Ukraine and Moldova;

how investors support climate adaptation of their clients.


Target audience: top management, E&S specialists, investors, representatives of the public sector and government agencies, consultants, etc.


Natalia Alekseeva, Team Leader for National Climate Change Action, FAO (Italy);

Fiodor Rafiev, Director of Legal Department, Corporate Secretary, Trans Oil Group (Moldova);

Liubov Bohachevska-Jensen, Director of Development and Communications, GoodValleу (Ukraine).


Moderator: Tatiana Gerling, Senior Environmental and Social Specialist, FMO.


When: 8 December 2020


Where: ZOOM platform




Registration link:


We look forward to welcoming you at the webinar!