Moldova will be able to set a new record for sunflower yield this year: the yield is expected to be 2.6 t / ha this year, compared to 2.4 t / ha last year. The yield of sunflower grew gradually the last 4 years. Despite slight decline in crops in 2018 (from 384 thousand / ha to about 362 thousand / ha), the yield of sunflower seeds will be increased from 950 thousand to 1 million tons, compared to 920 thousand tons in 2017. According to experts, 400 thousand hectares of sowing is considered to be the limit, after the crop rotation will be disturbed which leads to soil depletion. Moldova is the leader in the share of areas planted with sunflower seeds nowadays, the total amount of arable land is more than 24% in Moldova, compared with neighboring countries - Ukraine (more than 17%) and Romania (10.1%). The management of Trans Oil Group believes that the positive dynamics in Moldova in recent years have been achieved through the use of more efficient seeds, the active introduction of modern methods of tillage, the correct selection of plant protection products and the government’s efforts to combat underhanded activity.