Press release 

Trans-Oil Group of Companies is set to expand its sales to the MENA region (the countries of the Middle East and North Africa).

The International Conference of the Middle East Grains & Oil Congress will take place at the Egyptian capital, Cairo on March 11-12th 2019. It is organized by APK-Inform (Ukraine), an information and analytical agency. Trans-Oil Group of Companies is the general sponsor of the forum.

Vaja Jhashi: This event was not chosen randomly. Egypt is the largest importer of grains, ranking 1st in the world in wheat imports (12.5 million tons) and 5th place in imports of corn (9.7 million tons). Thus, Egypt is one of the main target markets for agricultural products from Russia and Ukraine, as well as our group of companies from Moldova. The MENA market is not new to us, but every year we strive to expand our presence there.

Vaja Jhashi will make the opening speech to more than 200 conference participants from 22 countries. The conference will assess the global and regional markets of grain, oil-seeds and byproducts, as well as prospects for development in the nearest future.

Special attention will be paid to the legal aspects of trade in Egypt, as a key player in the MENA market. Moldova will be represented by Thierry Beaupied, head of Trans-Oil Group’s trade department, who will discuss Moldova as promising supplier of grains to the Egyptian market. Tamaz Jhashi is Commercial Director of the Trans-Oil Group and will discuss the growing potential of Moldovan sunflower seed and byproducts on the global market. The general director of "Floarea Soarelui" SA, Stela Ostrovetchi will speak about the growth in worldwide consumption of sunflower oil due to its favorable qualities, as well as the development of new products such as high-oleic and organic sunflower oil.

The following speakers will participate at the event: the General Secretary of the International Sunflower Oil Association (ISOA), a representative of the Egyptian State Foodstuffs Procurement Agency GASC, international experts in the establishment of prices and logistics, businessmen from Egypt, Libya, Jordan, China will also represent their markets.

Press Service of the Trans-Oil Group