Trans-Oil Group signs US$ 25 million loan with EBRD

Trans-Oil Group signs US$ 25 million loan with EBRD

Trans-Oil Group of Companies (Trans-Oil Group) is very glad to announce the signature of a new loan of US$ 25 million with EBRD.
Over the past 3 years, Trans-Oil Group has more than doubled its exports of agriculture commodities. This new loan will allow us to purchase the Reni port grain facility and expand Giurgiulesti grain terminal.

Through these 2 projects, we plan to attract more farmers and grain traders to use our terminals in Giurgiulesti and Reni.
Port of Giurgiulesti project consists of an additional berth on Danube river, new grain and oil terminals which all together will increase the ships’ loading capacity to 800 metric tons (mt) per hour or 6’000 mt vessel per day. This will sharply improve the efficiency and pace of grain exports from the Republic of Moldova.

The port facility in Reni will be renovated and its loading capacity increased to 400 mt per hour. It will help also help expand our origination potential in Budzhak region in Ukraine.
Both upgraded port installations will allow at least 1.2 million mt grains export from the Republic of Moldova on a yearly basis. We plan to service at least 250-300’000 mt to 3rd parties, in preference domestic grain trading and farming companies.

EBRD has been a privileged partner in our development over the last decade and we are thankful for their continuous support in our successful growth; we welcome this strong positive sign to the regional agriculture economy.
Moldovan agriculture export capabilities are promising and EBRD, through their loan and these new projects, is allowing future to happen.

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