Danube Oil Company – green technologies for sunflower seeds processing

Danube Oil Company – green technologies for sunflower seeds processing

At the stage of the Danube Oil Company project, long before the increase in energy prices, we completely abandoned natural gas and use sunflower husk for steam production (which is needed in sunflower seeds processing).

The sunflower plant is a biofuel. During its growth, the sunflower plant emits oxygen. When the husk is burned - it consumes a similar amount of oxygen. The amount of oxygen released and consumed keeps an ecological balance in the environment.

We intend to use biofuel not only for the production purposes and heating of the plant premises, but also to provide granulated husk to households, enterprises and social facilities of the Cahul district, such as kindergartens and schools. To reduce energy consumption, we have installed large glass windows instead of standard ones, so that the premises receive a lot of daylight during working hours. In the future, we will switch to alternative energy sources.

Danube Oil plant is an ergonomic production. The plant occupies a compact territory of 0.4 hectares only. Water for production purposes is reused, allowing us to conserve natural resources. Our oil production technology is based on the double pressing method, resulting in pressed oil and cake.

We bring the oil content of the cake granules to the minimum possible values of 7.5–8%. As a result, the product can be granulated, making it more effective as a feed additive. The granulated cake produced by the Danube Oil Company has all the components perfectly balanced for the purpose of animal feed: oil, proteins and cellulose. The granules do not require further processing and can be simply added to the animal feed ratio. Additionally, our product has good preservation properties.

In the process of sunflower seeds processing, a large quantity of husks results - part of it is used for steam production, while the other part is granulated and sold as biofuel. The husk used to generate steam turns into an organic mineral fertilizer during the combustion process, ash of excellent quality, which we sell on the local market.

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