"Floarea Soarelui" S.A. donated 20,000 bottles of oil to the residents of Giurgiulesti village and Cahul district.

In accordance with the decision of the shareholders of the Trans-Oil Group to develop a socially oriented business, "Floarea Soarelui" S.A. donated a quantity of 20,000 bottles of FLORIS bottled oil for the inhabitants of the village of Giurgiulești.

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Participation in the National Exhibition "Made in Moldova"

Trans-Oil Group will take part in the 20th edition of the National Exhibition "Made in Moldova" in 2023.

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Rise in Oilseed Production

The Association of Vegetable Oil Producers of the European Union (FEDIOL) has reported an increase in the volume of oilseeds.

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First edition of the ESG Conference in Moldova.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova, in partnership with PWC Moldova, is organizing the first edition of the ESG Conference in Moldova.

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"Trans-Oil" commented on the fire in the port of Giurgiulesti

The fire in the port of Giurgiulesti on January 16 caused a lot of discussion, even conspiracy theories.

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Sunflower - raw material for biofuel

Sunflowers are a biofuel. During their growth and development, sunflowers emit oxygen, and when burned, they consume a similar amount of oxygen. At the same time, the amount of oxygen released and consumed is equal, allowing for an ecological balance and zero impact on the environment.

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