Investors from Europe, Switzerland bought 62% of TransOil bonds at a coupon rate of around 12%

Investors from  Europe bought 33%  of issued bonds ,  Switzerland 29%, Great Britain  19 %, USA 18 % and other countries 1%

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Trans-Oil Group successfully prices a debut US$300 million eurobond

Upon successful completion of road-show, Trans-Oil Group (Aragvi Holding International Ltd) is pleased to announce that on 1 April 2019 it successfully priced debut for the Group and for the country senior secured Eurobond issue of US$300 million at par. The issue’s settlement date is on 9 April 2019 with a maturity of 9 April 2024. The offering received strong international interest with European and US investors. The bonds are expected to be officially listed on the Irish Stock Exchange on or around 9 April 2019.

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The TRANS OIL Group and the International Banking consortium signed in Geneva an agreement!

The TRANS OIL Group and the international banking consortium signed in Geneva  on March 26, 2019 an agreement on Pre-crop financing in the amount of $35 million to finance  the needs of agriculture, which will allow to expand the volume of financing of farms and economic agents and, as a result, increase the acreage to 65,000 hectares. from the 2018 harvest in the Republic of Moldova from producers and economic agents.

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TRANS-OIL GROUP OF COMPANIES became the General sponsor of the international conference Middle East Grains&Oils Congress

Trans-Oil Group of Companies is set to expand its sales to the MENA region (the countries of the Middle East and North Africa).

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